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On this page, you can find a concise guide to the colourful world of German television and radio. There are direct links to the most important programs and magazines. But first of all two hints:

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Direct links to public television and radio

What the traditional media has to offer:
  • ARD or Das Erste online and its regional transmitters: BR (Bayerischer Rundfunk), DW (Deutsche Welle), HR ( Hessischer Rundfunk), MDR (Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk), NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk), RB (Radio Bremen), SR (Saarländischer Rundfunk), SWR (Südwestfunk), SFB (Sender Freies Berlin), SWF (Südwestfunk) and WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk)
    For a look at the radio program, we recommend using By taking a look at the Bavarian radio (Bayerischen Rundfunk), you get an idea of the most common program structure of the public radios in Germany:
    • Bayern 1 (B1) - traditional chat, show and information station; emphasis of music program: German "Schlager"
    • Bayern 2 (B2) - station with good quality in information, culture, educational and music
    • Bayern 3 (B3) - street & travel news, service information and pop music
    • Bayern 4 (B4) - around the clock classical music
    • Bayern 5 (B5) - news station: brief, concise, up to date, but often repeated.
  • Studio Franken - part time program of "Bayerischer Rundfunk" with selected information focused on northern bavaria (Franconia)
  • ZDF - Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen
  • OUR SPECIAL TIP: Many radio stations in Germany are still supported by the government. They are called "public service broadcasting" and everybody owning radio or televiosion sets has to pay fees. But this system doesn not just cost money, is delivers a very informative and varied program. As an example, we chose the station Bayern2Radio to take a closer look. One of its programs is called radioWissen and provides "the whole world of knowledge". There are hosts of different topics: history; literature and music; myths, people and religions; nature and the environment; current issues – all these are discusse. Useful for school, adult education and learners of German. And the best thing is that if you miss a story, you can listen to them again or download them from here:

The mayor private tv and radio stations

Program magazines

  • tries to meet a maximum of informativity with the overview over its TV programme so the customer/viewer will not miss his or her favourite broadcast. With 12 TV channels on one page it is easy to compare and find the programme most favoured by oneself. Making the right choice becomes a lot easier.
  • Gong Online - TV-sevice, entertainment, user tips, stars, advice, computer games, radio and radio service
  • rtv-online - The latest information around TV in internet. The complete program of all network and cable channels in Germany. Daily prices.
  • TV Movie online is the internet version of the TV and cinema magazine "TV Movie". Using the "TV-Butler" you can put together your personal tv program, cinema, video, CD, multimedia news, fun & action.
  • TV Spielfilm - current TV program with the top films of the day
  • TV Today - another popular German TV magazine
  • Tele-Online - from Switzerland

For those learning German, we recommend especially the radio station Deutsche Welle, which can be got nearly all over the world and regularly puts together emissions especially for foreigners.

Tip: Ralf Vogelsang has put together an explanation of the world-wide radio programs on his page of the newsgroup soc.culture.german (in English).

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Here are a couple of ideas for search terms:
"aktuelles Fernsehprogramm", "deutschsprachiges Radio", "deutsches Radio", "Hörfunkprogramm", "weltweite Radiosendungen", "Goethe Radio", "Radio deutsche Sprache"

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